A Letter to Hannah Horvath

Season 5 of Girls has come and gone too quickly. If you don’t watch the HBO show then this post might not make any sense to you and you might not want to read for the sake of spoilers. If you’re OK with that, then stick around and enjoy my open letter to Hannah Horvath.

Although each character is hard to like at times, you can easily learn something from each and everyone of them. Growing with characters is like growing with friends. You watch them from season 1 until their final farewell — it’s tough. And while Girls has one more round to go, I would like to dedicate this post to our dearest Hannah.

Image from mic.com and mpi67/AP

Our Dearest Hannah,

I thought that the season started out well with you being your most mature self. You fought the urge to ruin Marni’s wedding day by withholding information and even began a serious relationship with a seemingly respectable guy (UHM, UNDERCOVER ANGER ISSUES INSUED). However, this point in your life just showed us young adults that we can seem to have it all together for even the slightest moment. You later filled the season with moments of sexual experimentation – an ode to your Oberlin days, immature chases at a pit stop because avoidance is your strong suit at times, and even attempted to give Ray – a good friend of yours – a sexual favor. I was also shocked to see how maturely you handled the Adam and Jessa realization at the play, even though earlier on in the day your childish fights with Fran proved to oppose said maturity. However, all of these little moments reminded me that adulthood is a process and you, Hannah are the fine example of that. The moment you were headed back into New York with Hector, the random driver that picked you up (instant worry as a fan), really made every little annoying thing you did seem purposeful. It was a new beginning and while I know you had the Jessa and Adam dilemma to deal with, I could feel some actual growth happening. This all came together in the season finale when you dealt with their situation the best way you knew how and even befriended an enemy from the past. You fought so hard to go against the stereotype of what everyone expected you to do and in return, provided yourself with something they couldn’t do. Closure. You told a story, something we haven’t seen you do in a long time and it proves to the audience and every girl in any relatable situation that we too can grow-up without having to have everything else figured out.

So thank you, Hannah Horvath. At times you get under my skin and make me question my steady patience. But you taught me a lot this season. My questions for season 6 still linger on like The Cranberries once sang. Will you pick up the pen again and begin a new found love with writing?  Will you and Adam reunite?  Will Jessa really become a therapist?  Will Elijah ever find true love and how about Marni? So many questions; I can’t wait for you to answer them all.

With love and wonder from your sincerest fan.




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