National Book Lovers Day : Just A Day Late.


In honor of National Book Lovers Day, which of course was yesterday, I decided to share a couple of the books I have found myself lost in these past couple of weeks.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler


What a book, seriously. For some odd reason I kept putting this book off. Maybe I was terrified that once I started reading it I wouldn’t be able to stop so I avoided it for as long as possible. Then one day I was like, “you know what Ashley, buy it, read it, love it, live by it, and just freakin’ do it”. So I went to target, bought the book, and finished it within a few days.

What I love about a book like this is that it lets you dive into the life of someone else, someone who actually exists. A lot of the time when we read fiction we get that same sense of connection and admiration but when you’re reading a book like this, it’s completely different. You get to learn the high’s and low’s of someone who has been there and done that. After reading Yes Please, I learned a lot about Amy but also a lot about myself. I think that most people can relate to her words because they are realistic. She admits the struggles of making mistakes, going through heartbreak, and having emotions just like us. I highly recommend this book if you are trying to figure out life or if you need to laugh a little. I would also recommend this to any Parks & Rec lovers who need closure. I have yet to watch the show in it’s entirety but even I shed a few tears.

Most memorable moment: Her talk about time travel. In the book, she discusses how time travel is possible. You can time travel with the help of things and people. Running into someone or discovering an old treasure can instantly take you back to where you once were. She obviously makes it sound way more cool and magical than I just did but you get the gist.

So in a nutshell, time travel exists, Amy Poehler is life, and you should really check out her awesome book because what is life without a little bit of Yes Please?


The next book I would like to discuss is a mystery/thriller novel by the name of:

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins


Wow, this book is something. With this one, I had that Bradley Cooper Silver Linings moment where he throws the book out of the window. But instead of shattering a window, I threw it at the wall. I didn’t do so because it was bad but because I was so pissed off. Like what in the world!? This book literally leaves you so confused but satisfied at the same time. Throughout the novel, you get this story of a complex life through the stories of love and loss from the perspective of three different women. Pretty cool. Added to that is this never ending mystery and by the end of it you’re left shocked and standing still. Well, until you decide to throw the book like I did. Either way, I highly recommend this book. I tend to stay in my box of romantic comedy style books or empowerment books but this was worth the stray.

Most memorable moment: Well there wasn’t a particular memorable moment as much as there was a memorable theme. Hawkins kept in mind this idea that things aren’t always what it seems and as a by stander you can do all you want to play make believe, but in reality things aren’t like that. If you read it, you’ll know what I am talking about.

So basically, if you’re looking to literally get lost in a false world in England and want to read the text in a subtle English accent, THIS IS YOUR TICKET.


I  hope you enjoyed these reviews. I love being able to talk about the books that I read and what inspires me so hopefully these will make a difference in your life too!

Thanks for reading!


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