You’re Doing It Right.

Time and time again I have seen so many articles pop up on all of my possible feeds. I glance at Facebook for two seconds and an article about how “You’re doing your twenties right if…” beams across my screen. Tired (or scared?) of that non-sense, I flee to Instagram!  And although it’s a house for pictures, I somehow manage to find myself clicking a link in someone’s bio that talks about how you’re living life right if you are following this guideline in your twenties. Now, I am not sure if you have the same issues as me because it is my own fault for skipping down the path of curiosity and opening these things in the first place but if you don’t, let me show you what these articles look like in a brief summary:

*cue imagination*

You open the article and there’s a beautiful girl rolling around on her floor in high knee socks, an over sized t-shirt, and naturally…she has (beautiful) bedhead and has managed to place her french press where we can all see it so we know that she indeed does drink coffee.

Then the article starts off with a little banter here and there making for an introduction that either excites you or depresses you.


Then following, you will find yourself reading a list of things that means you are successful in your twenties, i.e:

You have a job, You’ve overcome something dramatic, You can go places on your own (travel), People listen to you now,  oh and last but not least…you are cool, calm, and collected.

By the end of this article, you MUST feel better right? Duh, you do. Someone just spent their time laying out a guideline that shows you that even if you haven’t accomplished these yet, you have your entire twenties to do so. And if, on the 364th day of your 29th year you have done these…then by golly you are doing it right.


Let me take a moment to add here that the people who write these articles have obviously been through their twenties or are going through them. They write, like most writers, based on their experiences or from the experiences of those around them. Sometimes these guides or lists can truly reflect people’s lives and help push readers through a door of confidence, relaxation, or even hope that they are doing just fine.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the reader. So for me, I may get tired of seeing one article after the other because to be completely honest…it scares the crap out of me. Here you have people who are telling you how it’s possibly going to be and that adds a level of stress. What if I can’t travel? What if people DON’T listen to me? WHAT IF I AM NOT CALM? Does that all mean that I’m not living my twenties right? Am I doing it wrong?

The answer for myself is no, no I’m not doing it wrong. The purpose in life is to make your own stories, your own rules, and your own lists. I write based on my experiences and my feelings in hopes that maybe someone can relate, but that doesn’t mean everyone will. Through it all, articles, stories, and photos of others killing it in their twenties, know that it’s up to you to do it right your own way.


Thanks for Reading!



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