Why We Brunch

You’re often told that you will learn so many things in life — especially after college.

Oh how true that is.

I have been in Post-Grad mode for about four days and I have learned some valuable things in such a short amount of time. The first thing I learned is that life is silly. One minute we think we have it all figured out; and on a Sunday afternoon in the month of May, you realize that you don’t have anything figured out.

What comes next is a discovery of this thing people do where they come together and talk about how they have just recently learned said lesson one and it’s called Brunch.


In all of college I don’t think I ever truly “brunched”. Sure, I drank mimosas on several occasions but never once did I eat french toast with those mimosas. Then, on an ordinary Monday, my best friend and I ventured off into Houston and found us a place to brunch. After driving up and down Westheimer and through Montrose, we ended up at a cute little place by the name of Brick & Spoon.

While sipping our Wildberry Mimosas and giggling at the cuteness of the water filled mason jars, we finally got to catch up on time. We laughed about silly things and bonded over our stress of what life is like right now. By the time the check came and I signed my life away to the Bananas Foster French Toast (uhh-mazing), I had felt some sort of release. It was then that I realized why “brunching” is so essential. Yeah sometimes we do it to say that we are doing it and sometimes the occasion makes for a great picture on Instagram. In other cases, we do it so we have an excuse to come together, laugh about what we don’t know, drink mimosas to what we do know, and to eat french toast like there’s no bikini season.


With all that being said, I highly suggest “brunching”. It’s great, it’s fun, and ya never know…you might try the best french toast of your life.

Thanks for reading!



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