Dear Friend(s)


Dear Friend,

I hope you’re reading this now.

I hope you know how much you mean to me and how close I hold you to my heart.

Dear Friend,

Know that now, you are important and that you matter. Not just to me, but to everyone else too.

You are valuable to me, and to those near and far.

Dear Friend,

I know it is hard sometimes. Being my friend can be a roller coaster ride.

I have my ups, downs, and inside out moments, but know that as long as you stay for the ride I won’t make you pay for it.


Dear Friend,

You’re not crazy. Being upset is being real. It is okay to feel and to let others know how you feel.

Don’t let anyone spin their theories to make you feel like any less of person than they are.

Dear Friend,

No one ever said being sensitive was wrong and it’s not. Don’t let yourself believe it.

Being sensitive is being raw, and being raw is beautiful.

Dear Friend,

In the face of love, always be yourself.

You will find unconditional love because that’s what you deserve.

Dear Friend,

You matter.

Dear Friend,

I love you.

Dear Friend,

You’re not perfect.

But you are to me, my Dear Friend.


1 Comment

  1. Dear Friend,
    I love you more. More than you’ll ever know. Well, you might know because I told you that one day that I hated you.

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