For the Love of Expectations

Happy Tuesday human and animal friends! (Percy I know you’re reading this).


Today is the first day of school and sadly, the start of my last semester as an undergrad. What is life and where has the time gone?  Although the emotions are high today, I came to my computer to talk about something else. Lately I have been thinking a lot about expectations. I’ve thought a lot about the expectations we set for ourselves, for the future, but more importantly, for others.

We set so many high expectations for others based on what WE do or how WE see things. We all have those moments when we are driving and someone is being super impatient and speeding through every car and you’re thinking to your self:


However, that may just be you (aka, me). You (I) might just be a super slow driver but you (I) can’t expect everyone to do the same as you do.

I think that is something to think about when you are building a relationship with someone. Everyone has a different way of handling, dealing with, or caring for others. I love my friends and family to death but I am the worst texting companion EVER. Yes, I love you and yes, I will like your Instagram photo for that one extra bump but I can’t promise that I will text you back within 5 hours. However, that does not mean I will not be present in the moment or there for you when you need me. I also like to stay in, A LOT. I am a 21 year old trapped in the body of someone who is 40 and drinks tea and also talks to herself (daily) about how awesome life was in the eighties…even though I was never actually present for any of it. It is fine. That is my life and I love when people accept that about me.


Same goes for me though. I am my own person and I live my own life. I have rules that I set for myself that I sometimes (but shouldn’t) expect others to follow. I like to do corny things, I don’t get out often, and I am a tad bit weird in my ways. Not everyone is like that and I can’t expect them to be.

On the plus side, expectations hold people accountable. I should be expected to do good at my job, be a good friend, and be a responsible and caring daughter. Expectations are only evil if we make them.

So the take way?

Just remember that we each have the privilege of being ourselves. Not everyone will have similar ways, expectations, or lifestyles. If they clash too much, there is a possibility  it wasn’t meant to be. There is no need to stress out or take it out on someone else just because they are different. It is important to learn from others and have patience with the people around you. Another thing, don’t expect too much from people. I know that is said a lot and some might disagree but it helps. It leaves room for people to surprise you and helps you keep an open mind.


With that being said, my professors expect me to write everything down in my planner so that is what I am off to do next!

Thanks for reading!



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