Uh-Oh, Did Someone Say Feminist?

Today is very important. Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler will be hosting the Golden Globes once again and I will have a wonderful Sunday night to make up for the awful Sunday afternoon I had. In case you didn’t know, the Cowboys lost. However, we are gracefully moving forward into the night to witness the comedic genius-ness (new word) that is Amy and Tina. I am so excited for the laughter and tears that are to come but there is something else that excites me more. I love seeing two strong women that are hilarious and great at what they do, getting the recognition that they deserve. I consider my feelings for them as “Girl Support”.

Girl Support stems from my Run the World mantra AKA my feminist perspective.


Over the break I must have made a comment that highlighted my feminist personality which caught the attention of a family member. This family member was really curious as to what my stance was on feminism. Was I super extreme? What are my thoughts on this and that? Then I realized, I am a Girl Support Feminist and that is what I am rolling with.

For a long time I was afraid to admit my feminism, even though most of my friends were highly aware of it. No matter how many comments were made, I refrained from owning it because I had this false idea in my head that feminism was bad. I thought it was pessimism in girl form or the negative formation of thoughts brought about by a bunch of women.

I was wrong. Way wrong.


Being a feminist doesn’t have to be scary. It also doesn’t mean we don’t support certain lifestyles. This is concerning Kaley Cuoco Sweeting’s address about feminism being against the idea of the woman coming home and cooking dinner for their husband and being a caretaker. However I don’t think that is the message that feminist want to promote, and this is why:

Feminism means support of women and men. Supporting the equality for both genders in the workplace, at home, and in the community. However, it also supports the idea of women supporting each other. I want to see my best friend KILL it in the fashion industry, but I also want my best friend to find love and live a domestic life if she chooses. There is something special behind the idea of freedom, and in any case a woman (or a man) should be free in choosing the life they want without judgement.

In the end, there is so much that goes into the idea of feminism. I have been wanting to talk about this for a while because I want everyone to understand something. It’s not wrong to want to stand up for something you believe in. I will still argue that a girl could play in the NFL (argument stands as a kicker) if she were allowed and trained properly because I think sometimes we are underestimated. I also think a man can do just as great in the home as a woman could and a woman could do just as great in the work place as a man could. That is all there is to it.


At the end of the day, I give my Girl Support that I feel everyone should get. It is important to stand behind each other and to push each other to move forward and reach new heights. I am not asking for you to go and picket the white house or start a rally downtown but I am asking that you send a positive message forward. Be nice to each other and to others. Stop being twats and give each other a hug, dammit!

All in all, Feminism shouldn’t have to be scary to be strong and neither do you.



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