How did we get here?

“It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re seventeen and planning for someday, and then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today, and that someday is yesterday and this is your life” – NATHAN SCOTT


(I mean if you say so)

Think back to that one time when you tried to figure out what the heck was going to happen with your life. Now fast forward to today and think about all the “Oh, shit. It’s happened” moments you’ve had because I promise, you’ve had them. Well I know I’ve had them for sure, and this past week has been one filled with ‘oh shit’s’ and ‘aha(s)’. This week brought back all the memories of the moments where I was so confused about life. Like watch all nine seasons of One Tree Hill twice in one summer kind of confusion. You know, those sort of sad, maybe even pathetic moments. The ones that I kept getting reminded of this week. The ones that made me so impatient! All I wanted was to see my future and hoped that I would one day chunk the deuce on my pity party. I remember people would love to tell me how everything would fall into place. And boy was that a mistake because they were kicked out of my party so quick and I was soon a pity party of 1, no positivity needed!

But in the end they were right. Like, so right.

Getting my ring was my first reminder. It reminded me of the talks I had with my dad and the rest of the world about how I hated A&M. Yes I have talked about this before, but it was the theme to my life for two years. Actually, I remember two moments in particular. The first being when my dad and I were sitting on the back of his truck and he was really trying his best to talk me out of leaving A&M. And the second time happened a year later when a friend of mine on Fade to Black basically told me to suck it up and reminded me of how close I was to the gold. Literally. I knew the reward would come soon enough so why not stick it out?

Everything proved to be right this weekend when my dad presented me with my ring. I not only saw my hard work but I also saw my parent’s hard work. It was one of those, everything does get better, moments. And after all of the doubt, all the classes, all the blood, sweat, and tears from my parents, AND 90 hours later, I can’t help but ask myself, how did we get here?


Now I bet you’re wondering why I binged on One Tree Hill for a whole summer, right? Oh the good ole days. I would go to summer school and then come home and watch OTH for the rest of the day. This past week they actually celebrated their 11th anniversary and the memories hit me like whip-lash. But for a good reason. The show reminded me of two things, my boyfriend and my best friend. My best friend and I lived and breathed OTH because it bonded us together among many other things. But this, this was special. Even in the hard times and the distance, we still had something to relate to. You see my best friend and I are very different and in fact, we have also had our differences. There were times when I didn’t think we would be friends but even today, we are better than ever and she still never fails to send me OTH quotes. (#truluv).

But like I mentioned before, it also reminds me of a ‘dark’ time. Or shall I call it the ‘Ben&Jerry’s’ time? My boyfriend and I broke up freshman year (boo-hoo, I know), and so I clung to whatever could distract me. However, during my alone time, I would think…can it just be like two years from now already so I can get the heck over this fool? (LOL). Well this fool and I are now together once again, have been for over a year and things are lovely. I was reminded of that this past week and I couldn’t be more thankful for how life happens. It is crazy how fast things can change, and as we were sitting in the car eating our snow cones, I couldn’t help but think, so how did we get here?


Patience, Growth, & Trust. That’s how.

I found the patience in myself and others. (for the most part). I am growing everyday with the people I care about rather than wallowing in self-pity about what needs to change. And I am realizing that things do get better and we have to trust that. One day, or even today you will ask yourself, for good reason I hope, “How did I get here”?

Thanks for reading


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