Inspired by Comfort and Tim.



Today I read an article that really inspired me to think. It was written by a guy named Tim who lives in San Francisco. (no I did not stalk him, although his apartment is quite nice). Just Kidding. Anyway, he talked about being comfortable and it’s ability to make us stagnant. He said a few things here about following your dreams and a few things there about how being comfortable is a good and bad thing. Then I had my usual ‘A-hah’ moment. This is my life. This is our life. Fighting the feeling of comfort, trying to figure out when its a good thing and when it’s a bad thing. Comfort is that inner struggle everyday when you say, “gosh do I really need to go to the gym? My love handles aren’t THAT bad”.

So Timothy just had me feeling all sorts of feels this morning. (I don’t really know if that is his full name but I connected with his writing so I think we are basically on that personal level). Timothy talked about how easy it was for him to want to pack up his bags and “buy a one way ticket back to Portland”. He was absolutely right. He nailed it. Being comfortable is SO EASY AND NICE. I remember it like it was yesterday I was sitting on the bed of my dads truck telling him how I wanted to move home so bad. There were tears and a game plan. I was going to come home and go to the local college and make myself happy. If you have read my stuff before, you have heard this story as I have talked about it plenty. In the end, that didn’t happen. And I am thankful for that everyday.

He also reminded me of my daily struggle to want to be fit, smarter, or be a better writer. I get so comfortable with who I am, which in no way is a bad thing…until I want to be better. I love who I am but sometimes I want to see improvement. I would love to be a better writer but I find comfort in my two followers. I want to be a better student but I find comfort in that beautiful B minus. Lastly, I want to be healthier…but then Mr. Comfort Pants comes and is like “girl, you still rock those size 27 jeans you fine”…and I am like…okay cool. Comfort 1, Ashley 0.

On a serious note though, how else does comfort impact our life?

IMG_3816I will gladly tell you. The last thing that came to mind was how comfort effects our relationships with people whether it be family, friends, or romantic partners. We think our relationships are too great to overcome. We get so comfortable with the people that we care most about that we forget what it is like to not be nervous or unsure. We find comfort in the years that kept us together that we don’t prepare ourselves for the years where we’ll be a part. We stop using kind words as often, and before you know it our words turn to silence and we are in the comfort zone. We can’t let the people we care about assume that we love them or care for them, we have to tell them. Same with romantic relationships, you just become so comfortable that you stop putting in that extra effort. It shouldn’t be like that all time. Like I said before, comfort is good and comfort is bad. It makes date night easy but it takes away from the excitement of things. It makes planning a girls night simple but it also means we probably won’t talk for the next two weeks, or months.

So the point here?

It’s okay to be comfortable. Be comfortable with who you are, be comfortable with whom you surround yourself with. But also, it’s up to you to make things uncomfortable in the best way possible. Do something that challenges you, or something that challenges your relationships in a good way. Add fire and bring the nervous jitters back to everything you do. Live comfortably, uncomfortable.

Until next time.


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