So this is college, Hm.

I would like to think of myself as a some-what vibrant person. I like to have fun, I could talk to a wall, and I feed off the energy of other people. (Not in some creepy vampire way). Needless to say, I like being around people. I like sharing ideas and memories and opening up to people because what other way is there to connect, right? Now that you know this, you could imagine how hard it was for me when I came to college and couldn’t meet anyone.


Before I go on with how I was a reject my first year and half of college, let me explain something to you. In high school, I did it all. I played tennis, I danced, I was class officer, I was a best buddies officer, and I did this and that. In High school I sat on my DAMN THRONE. I took advantage of the lifelong friends I had and we were all so comfortable with each other that we were ready to branch out. But coming to college two months after graduation, I was kicked off the golden thrown I thought I sat on in high school. Or I should say, the golden thrown we ALL thought we sat on.



All of my friends from high school are great people and I wouldn’t change them for the world. From the people I grew up with in elementary to my beautiful belles, they will always be important to me. If it weren’t for them then I would have completely hated my college life. But like I said before, we were all desperate for change.


So moving on, when I came to college I rushed for a sorority. I want to admit something embarrassing here. When I was rushing I was pretty confident I was going to get the sorority of my choice. I even practiced the whole “throw what you know” in the mirror because I wanted to be ready for bid day. HA. Yeah that ended up being for nothing because I was R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D. Instead of doing what I rehearsed, I rode the bus home and sat on my couch at my apartment thinking, ‘damn, my life is over’. I quickly got over it that night at the gates of north and went on with my life. But nothing actually got better. I didn’t meet anyone, I was homesick, and for three semesters I convinced myself that A&M sucked and by SPRING 2013 I was packing up for home.



But in that I same semester, I joined my dream team, Fade to Black, who I heard of when I was going through rush. I was so excited and I finally met ‘my people’. The people who thought they didn’t fit in here but made something amazing through their talents. Fade to black has been my family and I will cherish them always.


Fast forward to second semester junior year, I was craving more. I missed the sisterhood I used to have and wanted more from college. I mean why should everyone else get the right ‘college experience’ and not me? That’s when Aggie Sweethearts magically appeared. I say magically because I remember sitting with my roommate and saying ‘we need to join something, but what is there?” and then BOOM.



The process was nerve wrecking and stressful but it has turned out to be such an amazing organization filled with great and dedicated people.


So you’re probably wondering why I am telling you this. Part of it has to do with the fact that I like to talk about my feelings and the other reason is that for the past couple of weeks I have noticed that our organization has gotten a lot backlash from the student body. It amazes me to know that I go to such an awesome school that promotes family and tradition but has students that reject those ideas. The past couple of weeks I’ve heard that Aggie Sweethearts are a “wanna be” sorority, desperate for friends, and just want to be accepted. When I see these things I laugh most of the time because its sad that someone feels so highly of himself or herself to take to social media accounts to tear down others. But sometimes, it angers me. It angers me that I and my 66 other members from sweethearts are not “allowed” the same opportunity as others. Why do you get to be a part of a women’s organization and its okay but we can’t make friends and memories? What makes you so much better than us?



(I just thought this was hilarious) 

I just wanted to share my experience with you all so you understand that I am that person that had a hard time meeting people. I am that person who didn’t feel like she belonged at A&M. The organizations I have been a part of have truly changed my college experience and give me a reason to look forward to my senior year.


I leave everyone with this, why would you be so hard on people when you face so much scrutiny yourself? Why is it so easy for girls to reject other girls? We should motivate each other and push each other to represent our school the best we can. We need to build each other up and not tear each other down. Coming to college is scary but it could be the best experience of your life. Everyone is allowed that opportunity, not just you.


Sorry for being mushy, I just can’t help myself.




  1. So I actually know your mom really well & have told her how much I love your blogs but I thought it was time I tell YOU, even though I don’t think we’ve ever actually met! Anyways, all of your blogs are great but some of them in particular have helped me get through tough times in my college career! Between loss of friends and feeling like I don’t belong to a specific group I’ve been lost a few times and your blogs reminded me that I am in charge of my life and if something is bothering I have the power to make a change. Please don’t ever stop writing because you never know who your words may be helping and your words are inspiring in every way! (:

    1. Aw this made my night. I always write knowing it won’t help everyone but hoping it will help/inspire at least one person. College and life in general can be rough but stay strong and keep going! I’m so glad I could help and you’ve helped me just by letting me know this. Thank you thank you thank you. You’ve made my week! And I think I know who this is…I believe I have you on social media and I remember seeing you and your sisters around school over the years and if so…congratulations on all your success and keep pushing through school and persevering. Don’t ever give up and awesome job with the business you’re doing. If this is not who I am thinking of then I am so sorry haha and thank you for reading!

      1. I’m so glad I could make your night and help you in any way. I believe we do follow each other on social media and I have two sisters (older & younger so we’ve been around for years) and I did recently start working a new business so I’m sure you have the right person! And in that case it’s very nice to know that someone notices my work posts and thank you so much for the congratulations! I’ll be waiting for your next blog (:

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