Letters To Myself

Letters To My Self


If I were going to write little pieces of advice to myself, it would go a little something like this:

To Ashley at the age of five, cherish the holidays with your family and don’t tell your kindergarten class how much you hate your parents for not taking you to Vegas with them, you would have ruined the whole trip anyways.


To my good ole Girl Scout self, try and enjoy these friendships because some day they will be gone. Not for any reason other than the fact that you will all grow a part. And don’t eat all those cookies!

To my Cowboy Cheerleading want to be self, stop crushing on every guy on the team, it’s an unhealthy obsession at eight years old, and ten years old. Also, don’t be so bossy at your sleepover!


To my Gymnast self don’t give up! Just because Sarah already has her middle split doesn’t mean you can’t get it too. Have patience because you will need that flexibility for something that you love later on.

Speaking of, to my dancer self, keep doing what you’re doing but work a little harder. There is always room for improvement. Be the chills that you get when you watch someone so powerful.


To the athlete in me, just sit down. In that corner. Far away….yes over there…just stop.

To the little girl who wore the short jean jackets in middle school, you are not Mexican so stop wearing hoops and scrunching your hair. But keep doing all your homework and being involved in all you are in. It shapes who you will be one day. Also, stop crying about your teeth, they will be fixed. I promise.


To the brace face girl in High School, you’re half way there with your teeth so just have patience. Also, you’re not fat so stop looking in that stupid mirror in your closet. You should also stick to dance because if you really think you are going to do HS cheer, you’re wrong so don’t even waste your time with contemplating. Don’t pick your boyfriend over your friends but I will say that every decision you make academically and romantically will lead you to a pretty good future so far. But I will have to spare the details.


To the Freshman College kid, stop contemplating if A&M is for you. It’s a great school and you will learn to love it.  Don’t dwell on ended relationships because they will mend one day. And make better grades, holy cow, you’re killing me now.


And to my present self, keep pushing through. You’re making better grades, you’re on an amazing dance team and you have better friends than you could even ask for. Calm down and enjoy it. Also, stop doing stupid things with your car you idiot.

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