A day in the life.

Since my last post, I have been brainstorming some heart-felt topics on which I can write about. I could talk about how my heart aches at the fact that I haven’t seen my parents in a while. But then again, I am a junior in college so that excuse doesn’t work for me anymore. I could also talk about the trials and tribulations of starting off another semester. I’ve got my game face on, but pages and pages of notes are being thrown my way and I am forced to fend them off with my superpower force field.


(ok, well that escalated quickly)


Although that may seem exciting and I am sure you would like to hear more about my super power fantasy, my life is what it is. For the past four days I have been laying in bed, or accomplishing minor tasks, while dealing with the almighty and evil, COMMON COLD.



I really don’t know why I am making my life seem like an action movie, because it’s far from it.


I just got back from the doctors with two bags filled of all kinds of goodies.

These goodies include: cough drops, mucinex, Dayquil, Nyquil, and any other drug you could possibly think of.  So for the next, I don’t know, 72 hours you can catch me attending class half heartedly, laying in bed watching the O.C, or drinking OJ out of my cool star wars cup.


(my chewed up doctors orders-thanks to percy) 

The whole point of this post is that there is no point. But if you want to take something away from this, I can give you two things.

 1.You got to roll with punches, no feeling sorry for yourself.

2. NEVER- EVER sit next to the girl with the sniffles and Kleenex in hand. (no matter how lonely she looks or how lonely you are)


Farewell for now. 

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