My ‘Current’ Corner

Hello there, and welcome to my current corner! >.< 

I just recently started this blog this January and I am still working on a few ideas of what to share with all of you. However, sometimes we get busy and can’t keep up with everything we want to. 

duh, so what does this mean?

Well, every weekend (most likely sunday), I will take a little bit of time to recap my week with little things that I did or am doing, or things that may have my interest at the moment. This won’t be too long or detailed but it’s just something for you to hopefully enjoy!

Whats going on in my current corner you ask?

Currently wearing:

I am super into the whole jean vest thing! I bought it in NYC at forever21 and I have worn it every single time that I have worn colored pants. It looks super cool with my sweaters and I know it’ll look so cute in the spring with some short sleeves as well. Of course I say that thinking I know a lot about fashion. 

Currently reading:

Around two weeks ago I finished “The Silent Wife” by A.S.A Harrison and now I am on to “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. Both books were and are awesome. I have not yet finished Green’s book, but I hope to soon! It’s really funny and sad and happy and all things that you would want it to be. (I will be posting book reviews soon!)


Currently Watching:

Holy cow, Holy cow I just can’t stop watching Hart of Dixie. Hart of Dixie is circled around Zoe Hart played by Rachel Bilson. Her character is a doctor from New york that moves to a small town in Alabama, and has to figure out how to make a name for herself as well as find love and many other things. It’s funny, cute, and a great watch if you need a couple “feel good” moments every monday night. 

Currently listening:

One name, One artist: Beyonce. That is all. 


Currently eating:

A whole lot of Mexican food. Los Cucos’s cheese enchiladas have gotten the best of me. Needless to say, you will soon be hearing about my more healthier options because it needs to stop. 

Current drink:

Well, we all know I am a huge fan of Starbucks so it should not be a surprise to you that this drink will be from there. Now, I am not a big “frap” lover, but the Pecan Frap is delicious and a must have. I know it’s still chilly and everyone wants their hot drinks but this is worth it. If it bothers you that much, wear some mittens! 


and finally, My greatest moment of the week: We are ending the second week of the year and I will have to say the greatest moment this week was going to see my old man at work. To see my dad in his element was just a little reminder to me of how hard my dad has worked to provide for our little family. I love seeing him happy and loving what he does. 

This concludes story time. 



1 Comment

  1. Ash,
    I love your blog and am so glad to see you reading. I thought the book you are reading is awesome and will send my copy of the “Book Thief” with your Dad when he comes Super Bowl Sunday. I also love Hart of Dixie-what a great “get away” thing to watch and such fun.

    Love you! G’Ma

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