How does that one song go?

“In new york, these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you”

Driving through the tunnel from Jersey to New York city was one long drive, and all I could sing in my head was Empire state of mind by Jay-Z as well as that awesome catchy song from the beginning of Sex in the City the movie. Pulling into New york at around 5:00 means that is already pretty dark and traffic is like our five o’clock traffic on steroids. However, this did not get me down because baby, I was in NEW YORK CITY. THE CITY OF LIGHTS AND DREAMS AND HOPES AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON.

As soon as we get there we unload and get situated and then just like Texans do, we eat! We ate at this awesome place called Juniors. We probably ate that the most of our trip since it was five feet from the hotel and we refused to walk anywhere else to eat in the 20 degree weather. None the less, it was delicious but I am not missing it right now.

Besides good food, New York is exactly what you think it is. Its filled with people everywhere, pushing and shoving or chatting on the side drinking coffee, it’s almost poetic. You get to see so many different kinds of people, some who live there, and most who don’t. It’s so overwhelming to think about the amount of people you come in contact with by the end of the day. Of course, you have your memorably rude encounters, but then you have some of the most interesting encounters.

Not only were the people an experience, but the sites were something else too. From the top of the rock at Rockefeller Center to the World Trade Center, everything is massive. The stories behind them were influential and the experience of seeing them up close was unforgettable. It is easy to stop and stare and take it all in, but then someone whacks you in the arm with their purse and your back to walking down seventh avenue. Which brings me to Time Square! This had to be the craziest experience in my life so far. It was like I was in a jungle and I had to fight to survive to get past 43rd street. There was nothing to do but hold your arms in tight and just walk, walk, walk without looking or talking to anybody. Sorry, dad, but i’ll see you at 34th street.

(Speaking of 34th street, a must see when going to New york is Macy’s during the Holidays, and Harold Square. It is beautiful and that is all I will say.)

Lastly, I would like to say that I got to go to the place I had been dying to see for years. Central Park! We took a little carriage-bike ride through central park and got to see some interesting spots like The Mall, The fountain, and the Yes bridge. Although it was freezing that day, I was happier than ever.

Now that it’s all said and done, I question if I would actually go back to NY. Maybe not during the winter because I might turn into a human ice pop, but I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing central park with some green on it! My cat is meowing outside the door so it’s obviously time to go, but here are so lovely pictures from my trip!


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