Uh, oh..What do you mean it’s the new year again?



Well, that was fun. I guess I have to think of new things to accomplish or try this year.



As we all know, the ending of one year and the beginning of the next means making a list of all the do’s and don’ts of the new upcoming year. What’s that saying? “New year, New me”. Of course me being me, I think that statement is stupid. I myself have used that statement, and came to the conclusion that I want to slap my eighteen year old self for saying that. With two years added on to that, I would like to say that I am a bit wiser in the whole New Year celebration thing. I am convinced that everyone makes goals for themselves so that they have something to talk about in school, at the office, or at the grocery store when asked what they plan to do in this new year. By the time February hits, no one cares and the new goal is fulfilling that romantic vacancy in your life before the 14th. After that it’s spring break “body”, end of school, “summer body”, and it just continues. 

Now I am not saying that making a list of goals for yourself is wrong, I think it is great. Are these things you could have done during the entire month of december or the eleven months prior? Yes, of course! But, it’s your life. 

Anyways, my point here is that if you really want to make a list of New years resolutions, actually think about something that applies to the new year. Here are a few things that made it onto my very short list:


1. Reading more books

   This resolution makes perfect sense. Its a matter of topping the amount of books I read last year. This is something that will mentally benefit me and maybe you too! Maybe you didn’t read as much to begin with but make it a goal this year to read more than the last. If you aren’t a reader, this isn’t for you. Don’t force it! (you will probably fall asleep)

2. Make better grades

  This past semester, I didn’t make the grades that I was hoping for. Luckily, grades come out around the time that we all ring in the new year so why not add it to my list. It’s perfect because it’s a motivational tool and school is about to start back up again. Now, if you aren’t in school just go right ahead and ignore this one. 

3. Try something new that this year has to offer

  Everyday we have the opportunity to try something new, and I totally think we should take advantage of it. But, how about we also think about the new things this particular year has to offer that the other years didn’t. For example, say you turn 21 this year (WHOO-HOO GO ME!), that right there opens up so many new opportunities! Try something new with your new found coolness besides purchasing beer at the Stop N’ Go! 

4. Be a BETTER person

 This too goes with the idea that we should always try our best to be good people, but in this new year, top the person that you were last year. Improve everyday and find something different about yourself or be open to meeting new people. All these changes you make in the next year will make you a worse or better person, so strive to be a better person. This doesn’t always mean being perfect, just so we are clear. 

5. Actually do the first four

  Making a list of goals for yourself is so rough. Two years ago I made a list of all these things I wanted myself to accomplish. I probably did 1/4 of them. 

Keeping it short and simple and to the point will make it less stressful on you. You won’t feel this pressure of competing with yourself and you will also avoid being “that” person who spends all of January trying to change themselves.

With all that being said, Have a happy new year! 





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